#BBNaijaAllStars: Moment Alex Unusual punches Ike for trying to drown her in the pool, video trends (Watch)


#BBNaijaAllStars: Moment Alex Unusual punches Ike for trying to drown her in the pool, video trends (Watch)
#BBNaijaAllStars: Moment Alex Unusual punches Ike for trying to drown her in the pool, video trends (Watch)

Drama ensued between Big Brother Naija All Stars housemates Alex Unusual and Ike Onyema during the pool party on Thursday night.

The duo were together in the pool playing when suddenly Alex started throwing punches at Ike.

Fellow housemates Neo Akpofure and Mercy Eke intervened to prevent the situation from escalating.

After the party, Alex said she threw punches at Ike because he attempted to “drown” her.

Her claim didn’t sit down well with Ike’s estranged lover, Mercy, who insisted Alex was lying.

Doyin added that Ike was only trying to hug Alex.

Alex pleaded for Biggie to play the clip to justify herself.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

x_chiomaa_x: You guys don’t understand the phobia for water is real, she can’t swim, she even avoids the water, even if she wasn’t drowning at that time, do you know if that’s her reaction to the fear she felt after coming back up. Ike likes rough play but it shouldn’t be with everyone, everyone reacts differently.

iamofficial_uchedeen: Biggie should issue Alex a strike.

knockoutbusinesshub:  I now know a lot of people don’t watch this show well, but just follow blogs and misleading captions, it was her survival instincts that kicked in and this can happen to anyone that can’t swim ,yes ike was playing but she felt like she was drowning , that’s cause she can’t breathe , so I totally understand her, now they have settled and they are all good, I don’t think she should get a strike for it at all.

ayam_kelvin13: Alex just beat Ike like say him be small pikin, now I believe when Kidd said Ike is been bullied… this is physical abuse.

shiekh_arujah: In my opinion, Alex survival instinct kicked in and it made her feel she was drowning. You tend to imagine things that was not there when you have aqua phobia. I can understand when she said that she was drowning and drinking water. But she was not clearly from the clip. The only thing I want biggie to do is to give her a strike because she and doyin decided to drown Ike first. More so, people saying you can’t drown in that kind of pool should stop it. Pools with slippery floors would drown you even if you can swim. Common alcohol or cough and katarh can make you drown when swimming. Note this. Only a swimmer can understand. Don’t reply me if you don’t know how to swim Abeg.

blgmurphy:  Alex shaa. Person no fit drown for dah kin pool, jus dey lie up and down.

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