"Hottest" Female Pastor Who Always Goes About With Handsome Men as Body Guards (Photos)

If you've ever heard of the woman who is famously referred to as the Oracle or slay queen pastor and wondered who she is, then I am pleased to inform you that it's no other person but Rev Lucy Natasha.

One interesting thing is that you can never see this woman of God moving alone without her team of handsome looking and gorgeously dressed bodyguards. Although she refers to them as stewards but I don't think she's right.

I can say that Rev Lucy Natasha with her team of bodyguards always 'dress to kill' everytime they appear on sunday in their corporate outfit, infact when it comes to dressing fantastically, I'll say she is indeed a queen at that and also a role model.
Patience Ozokwo shares lovely photos to celebrate her 62nd birthday
It may interest you to know that because of how she trended online in 2016, Kenyans decided to officially vote for her as the hottest pastor ever. I hope they gave her an award forge that.

Dear reader if I may ask, is it right for a minister of the gospel to have bodyguards around them? I have asked such question many times but haven't gotten a satisfactory answer. Please respond in the comment section below.

The fact is that she is beautiful and adding to the swag, she chose for herself some handsome set of men as bodyguards. Check out some of their photos below:
Patience Ozokwo shares lovely photos to celebrate her 62nd birthday

Check out some of their photos below:

These guys are always dressed in bespoke suits and the women in fabulous gowns.

As it is in every ministry, there are people who mostly work very hard behind the scene in making sure that a church runs like a well-oiled machine. Lucy Natasha has at one time said her team of stewards (bodyguards) are the ones who make the ministry work being the scene.

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