“She dey go through a lot” Netizens come for Anita, after her congratulatory message to Davido


Anita Brown, who had previously been in the spotlight for her connections with Davido, has once again found herself at the center of public attention. This time, it’s for her congratulatory message to the music sensation and his partner, Chioma, following the birth of their twins. However, it appears that the past is not easy to put behind her, as netizens have offered their varied reactions to her message.

Not too long ago, Anita Brown made headlines when she issued a public apology to Chioma. She expressed regret over a past squabble that had erupted between her and Chioma during a tumultuous period with Davido. Her apology seemed sincere, and she emphasized that it was never her intention to hurt Chioma.

But despite her attempt to make amends, it seems that the forgiveness of netizens and the general public remains elusive. The animosity surrounding her previous involvement with Davido and her candidness about it still lingers in the minds of many.

Just yesterday, the joyous news of Davido and Chioma welcoming twins took the internet by storm. Congratulatory messages poured in from all quarters, and Anita Brown joined the chorus of well-wishers. She extended her blessings to the new parents, emphasizing the miracle of a baby’s arrival.

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