He Always Bends Me Down & Pound Me Like Palm Nut - Woman Who 'Dated' A Young Man Says

 Young men are usually full of energy and perform 'crazily' in bed. When it comes to s*xual intercourse with women, young men like a variety of bedroom styles. They are always encouraged to choose people in their age group as love partners because of the physical problems that arise with old age. However, the elderly lady in your photographs fell in love with a young man.


Based on her facial expression, this elderly woman is most likely between the ages of 60 and 70. The elderly mother told Auntie Naa, the host of Oyerapa 100.7 FM, that this young man is even younger than her son. But she was only searching for someone to console her, not realizing that the man in bed was a 'lion'.

When this gentleman comes home from work, the old woman told the presenter, he always has the same message: "Bend down because I'm going to pound you like a palm nut." So when the presenter inquired if she had bent down to collect the 'doggy' from the child, she surprised everyone by saying "Yes." According to the elderly woman, she suffers from constant waist pains as a result of this, and she spends her meager earnings on medicine.

The old woman was attempting to express her dissatisfaction with what the young man was doing to her every day, but Auntie Naa bluntly reminded her that she was wrong "You enjoy what he's doing, which is why you always bend down to let him cut you. You should be spending your limited funds to care for your grandchildren at your age "..


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