Lady Cries After Catching Her Boyfriend Giving it To Her Best Friend In Her Own House / WATCH VIDEO

A broken hearted lady has shared video of moments she caught her own best friend allowing his boyfriend to sleep with her in their own home as she went to town.

According to reports, the ladies friend who is identified as Theresa, went to her friend’s apartment where she and her boyfriend lives, thinking she was not going to return from town soon.

In the video, the lady walked in on the two cheats while they were busily doing it.
The guy quickly put his manhood in his boxers and Theresa also put on her pants immediately and covered herself with a pillow.

The lady whose identity is yet to be determined broke down in tears upon seeing them.
”You know my story. You know how I love my boyfriend. How could you do this to me? Why? Have I ever treated you bad ever since we became friends?”, she asked.
Watch Video below;

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