“She’s a professional POS fraudster” – Lady narrates how she got scammed of N80K by customer

Vendor in tears as she relates how a POS fraudster defrauded her of N80,000 after purchasing items from her shop.

The footwear vendor went online to share their experience and to warn shop owners about the new tricks that some unscrupulous customers are employing.

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She showed a video of the moment the customer entered the shop and expressed on what happened.

The lady had entered the shop wearing dark sunglasses and a wig that effectively concealed her face from the CCTV.

Shhe purchased several items totaling 95,000 naira and chose to pay by POS rather than cash.

The vendor revealed that when the customer input her card and pin, she held onto the machine and quickly exchanged the receipt when it printed out (the vendor was distracted while this had occured).

Cyber users have placed the blame on her for allowing the lady hold onto the machine after making the payment

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