All You Need To Know About The “Charlie Charlie” Game Trending Online and Reactions (Screenshots)


According to a Paranoia expert, the game is a very dangerous one and has adivised people not to participate. She said that the game actually summons an evil spirit who will appear with the move of an object to announce it presence.

It begins with one crossing two pencils one a piece of paper and writing “YES and NO” at the four corners of the paper. You will now call on the spirit by saying “Charlie Charlie Are You There” and the spirit will respond by either moving one of the pencils to “YES or NO”.

Well, like always, people will try their hands on it. Some are just making fun of it but others have tried and it worked.

According to the expert identified on TikTok as @ariacyrus, the spirit will continue to torment you if you forget to say “Goodbye”.

See some of the reactions from Netizens:


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