400L MOUAU Undergraduate Stabbed to Death By Her Boyfriend in His Room After She Denied Him Entrance Into Her Pant


I don’t know what boys of this our generation are seeing ladies as. Ladies are helpers, builders, comforters, advisers and that was why God created her after he created man.

Ladies are meant to help us, and we are supposed to cater and care for them. Men are supposed to respect them, hear from them, respect their opinion and many others. But today the reverse is the case.

Men have now seen women the other way round. Some see them as something they can treat anyhow, some see them as something they just use for pleasure and so many others. But I will say that this is very wrong.

A man who lays his hands on a woman is not a man at all and should be persecuted for such. So because women are not that strong like men, some men have decided to use this against them. You will hardly hear of any form of man abuse by a female but everyday we get different news of women suffering abuse from men.

This is a picture of a very beautiful lady who was killed by her Boyfriend after she died him entrance into her pant. The boy asked for pleasure and her refusal led to her death. How on earth will someone kill you for your own body? This is indeed terrible and above all, it is a form of Wickedness.

The lady is an undergraduate of MOUAU and has been identified by the name James glory. She is already in 400 level before this sad incident occasions.

We all know the cost of training a child to such a high level in the university. I wonder what her parents and sponsors will be going through at the moment. The heat of man is indeed desperately wicked and evil. I pray that justice will be the order of the day.

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