Video drops as driver fixes room air-conditioner on bus for passengers

A local commercial sprinter has been spotted with a huge air-conditioner meant for buildings fixed on it
- It is not clear what the motivation was for the driver and it is interesting how he was able to put such a huge voltage devise on a car battery
- Although the innovation is quite admirable, it is also very hilarious

A hilarious video has surfaced on social media showing a local bus that has a room air-conditioner fixed on it to get rid of heat for its beloved passengers.
In the clip sighted , the external part of the huge conditioner was put behind the car which was captured by another road user who was clearly stunned by the sight.
Although the exact location where the video was taken is not disclosed, it is clear that it occurred in Ghana judging from the number plate of the vehicle.

See video below:

The observation appears very innovative and thoughtful of the driver but one would wonder how he was able to put the huge voltage device on the life of a car battery.
It is also confounding whether the driver charges the passengers in the car a higher amount than what they are supposed to pay because of the extra service.
What seems to be obvious, however, is that road users in the particular car would have a great experience stepping in this car and would probably find it hard alighting even after reaching their destination