This is what I get from people because I'm a graduate - 'Ponmo' seller who speaks Fluent English says

 A market woman who speaks English fluently has complained of low patronage to the coronavirus pandemic
- The woman, who sells ponmo (cow skin), says she graduated from Kwara State Polytechnic in 2016
- She said she decided to embrace the business because she couldn't find a job
- The trader says people make jest of her, but there are others who appreciate what she does

A market woman who speaks English fluently has lamented low patronage due to the coronavirus pandemic Nigeria is currently battling with.
The woman, who graduated from Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, said she no longer sell like she used to due to the pandemic.
She said some of her ex-coursemates make jest of her because she sells ponmo (cow skin). According to her, she had to take over her mother's business because she couldn't find a job.

The trader, however, said there are former coursemates of hers who are proud of the business she does. She said the ones that are proud of her are aware that she's doing well.
She said she intends to continue with the business for two more years, after which she will travel out of the country.

The woman, who said her husband is late, called on the federal government to support her because things are hard.
According to her, she decided to face her business instead of begging like others in her shoes currently do.

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