Inside the Private Jet of a Sport Personality (Photos)

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich owns a fleet of amazing aircraft.
But the jewel in his collection of private planes is a customised Boeing 767-33A ER nicknamed ‘The Bandit’ worth £66m.
Abramovich’s most lavish is his Boeing 767-33A ER that has a banquet hall for 30 guestsCredit: Jet Aviation.
The Russian oligarch bought it in 2004 – just a year after he took over the reigns at Stamford Bridge – when Hawaiian Airlines cancelled their order for the plane.
And he keeps ‘The Bandit’ at the Harrods Aviation facility in Stansted Airport, for whenever needs it.
But what’s so special about Roman’s wings?
As you can imagine, it’s pretty much a palace in the sky.
There’s a stunning banquet hall on board with room for up to 30 guests to wine and dine.
A kitchen, office and bedroom with a double bed were also installed on board as part of the modifications.
The interior is made of precious metals and fine wood, including chestnut and gold trim.
It’s fit for a man worth around £12billion.
When you’re one of the richest men in the world, you’ll always have concerns for your safety.
That’s why ‘The Bandit’ has the same security system as Air Force One, which transports US president Donald Trump around.
Costing around £1.5million, on board is an anti-ballistic system designed to counter any ballistic missiles fired at the plane.
So, like Air Force it’s the most secure and safe plane on the planet.
Although Roman favours The Bandit, he can pick and choose what he flies in – with a fleet of three to use.
He has two other Boeings – a 767-300 (£55million) and a 767-700 (£60million).
Again, they feature conference rooms and bedrooms, but they’re not as hi-tech as ‘The Bandit.’

That said, they’re still as luxurious – also featuring gold trim throughout their interiors.
Roman certainly knows how to spoil himself.