Actor Williams Uchemba transforms lives of family living in a shack by giving them new house

Actor Williams Uchemba has earned the prayers of Nigerians after he gave a poor family a new house
- The family was living in a shack and have been there for 13 years
- The actor made sure to relocate them to a better place and gave them money for business

Actor Williams Uchemba has put smiles on the face of a poor Nigerian family after blessing them with a new house. The actor took to his social media page to show off the family and their two daughters in their new abode.
Narrating how he came across the family, the film star who is known for his philanthropic works, said he was going about his selfless duty at a slum one day when he came across two female children in a shack under a mast.

According to him, he was touched when he saw the girls reading under the unbearable condition, so, he decided to alleviate their position.

Williams explained that the girls and their parents had been living in the poor house for 13 years. He revealed that whenever it rained, the family was always affected.
Taking to his official Instagram page, Williams shared a video of the family in their new house. The video also showed the family's former home and the poor condition they lived in.
Sadly, the family lost a baby a few weeks ago under the terrible condition they were in.
Thankfully, help came their way. According to the actor, he didn't just give them a house but also money to do something better with their lives.
Watch the emotional video below:

As expected, Nigerians showered prayers on Williams for his kind gesture towards the family.