Nickie Dabarbie Lands in Kirikiri Prison, Over Allegations of Damaging Properties Worth Over N3M In Skiibii’s House

 Netizens in shock as Nicki DaBarbie shares test results, outcome

Nickie Dabarbie, an embattled TikTok influencer, is being held at Kirikiri prison after being summoned by the police on charges of destroying assets worth more than N3 million in Skiibii’s residence.

VeryDarkMan, a controversial critic, provided an update on the Nickie Dabarbie situation while exposing their final communication

In two different write up, Verydarkman showed receipts for communications from the dancer claiming that she had been invited by the police and arrested

He provided a snapshot of their discussion, in which she stated that she had been arraigned and was leaving court but was on her way to Kirikiri prison.

In her message, Nickie Dabarbie expressed regret and stated that she would be more cautious in the future.

VeryDarkMan remarked that she jeopardized her case by going to the police station alone without legal representation.

According to the dancer, Skiibii reported to the police station, alleging that Nickie Dabarbie damaged property worth three million Naira.

Watch the video below …

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