Man reports lady to pastor after she eats his shawarma but fails to give love, seeks justice


According to the man, he had met a lady who not only ate his shawarma but also refused to reciprocate his feelings of love.

Expressing his concerns, the man emphasized that his condition should not have been a hindrance to receiving the love he desired. He firmly believed that love should be based on matters of the heart, rather than external circumstances.

Attempting to mediate the situation, the pastor asked the lady whether she would return the shawarma or offer her love instead. The man, without hesitation, clarified that he desired her love, not the shawarma.

Furthermore, he revealed that he had been unable to sleep ever since the incident occurred, prompting him to seek the pastor’s intervention

In his desperation, he even sought the assistance of various Mallams, hoping they could bind her to him, but unfortunately, they ended up scamming him instead.

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