Woman pulls down her pant mid-flight and attempts to relieve herself on Plane aisle (VIDEO)


Passengers aboard a Frontier Airlines flight were left stunned when a woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, pulled down her pants mid-flight and attempted to relieve herself in the aisle.

The incident unfolded on Monday, November 20, during a flight from Florida to Philadelphia, as captured in a video shared on Facebook by fellow traveler Julie Voshell Hartman.

According to the footage, the woman apparently resorted to using the aisle as a restroom after a flight attendant denied her access to the lavatory at that moment.

As surrounding passengers voiced their objections, the woman responded with expletives, declaring

“I don’t give a f**k,” “F**k you,” and insisting, “I gotta go pee!”

After briefly pulling her pants back up, she continued to demand entry into the plane’s bathroom, engaging in confrontations with other passengers towards the rear of the aircraft, as shown in a separate, longer video.

Julie Voshell Hartman, who witnessed the entire incident, took to Facebook to recount the distressing experience.

She described how the woman not only exposed herself in front of children but also issued threats towards fellow passengers, including herself.

Expressing her hope for the woman’s arrest and subsequent ban from future flights, Voshell Hartman spoke on the disruptive nature of the incident.

Frontier Airlines has yet to release an official statement regarding the incident, leaving many to wonder about the consequences faced by the woman involved in this shocking mid-flight situation.

Watch the video below:

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