Bedroom video of Don Jazzy and Korra Obidi raises eyebrows


Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer based in the United States, and Don Jazzy, the head of Mavin Records, set the fans on fire with a viral video of them.

The mother of two, who recently visited her native Nigeria, wowed fans with a live YouTube session in which she and Don Jazzy lounged on a bed and chatted like old friends.

Don Jazzy, taken aback by the unexpected YouTube live broadcast, couldn’t help but scratch his head and ask Korra a few questions.

Korra’s fans were overjoyed to see Don Jazzy attend her live session, and the singer, who recently divorced, gave him a crash course on YouTube’s live video feature.

She then questioned him about his social media habits, to which the Mavin Boss admitted he dislikes live videos because they don’t pique his interest in terms of participation.

Korra finished her live session with Don Jazzy, capturing a rare look of him in a nice bed setting, and returned to her YouTube live chat with her viewers.

The video quickly gained traction on the internet, and people began tossing their various comments into the ring like ingredients in a stew over the unusual sight of the two on the bed.

Some fans were as surprised as a deer caught in headlights, while others speculated whether Korra may be the leading lady in Don Jazzy’s story of settling down, given their tight relationship.

A few others added some spice to the discussion by bringing up Korra Obidi’s ex-husband Justin’s allegations of her cheating on him with Don Jazzy.

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