Honest Nigerian man who returned N2.5m mistakenly transferred to his account gets N50k compensation

 A young Nigerian man, Julius Eze, has said he felt fulfilled and had peace of mind after he returned N2.5m sent to him

Julius revealed that he would not have kept the money to himself because his family taught him the importance of honesty

The honest man said that when he got N50,000 as compensation from the owner, he was so happy.

An honest young Nigerian man, Julius Eze, who was commended on social media weeks ago for returning N2.5m sent to his account has spoken about it all.

In an exclusive interview with ., Eze revealed that though he had needs at the time he got the mistaken transfer, he never had the slightest temptation to keep the money.


I never wanted to keep the money

He said:

“I never had intentions of hoarding the money or use it for my personal use. I know it’s not mine and nobody could have sent such to me as at the time sent.

Julius said that his family praised him for what he did, adding that his dad even had to call to express how proud he is to have an honest son like him.

When asked about how he was compensated for his kind act, the young man said that the owner of the N2.5 million gave him N50,000, an act which made him really happy.

He stated that the money came at a time he really needed it. He, however, revealed that he never returned the millions with the aim of getting compensation.

“I feel super excited and good! I feel fulfilled because I know no matter how rich he is the money will still affect his business and probably his mental health.”

Julius advised people who are looking towards getting wealthy through someone else’s labour to avoid unnecesaarry trouble and make legal money.

  • Honest Nigerian Man Who Returned N2.5m Mistakenly Transferred to His Account Gets N50k Compensation
    The young man said he is happy he returned the money. Photo source: Julius Eze Source: Facebook

He added:

“Return every dime that doesn’t belong to you if possible.”

Meanwhile, . earlier reported that a black man known as Joseph James Nantomah revealed how he helped a white lady recover her money from some scam syndicate.

In a post on Wednesday, April 28, the man said he drove for hours after $32,000 (N13,077,120.00) was sent into his account.

He disclosed that after the deposit was made into his account, the scammers called him, asking him to send the money.

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