Vee shows off the soup she prepared on her Instagram page.

 Vee took to her page to show off the soup she prepared. 

Take a look at the picture of Vee’s soup below. 


Vee uploaded a video of herself making her dinner last night. She uploaded the boomerang video with the caption what’s for dinner. 

Vee doesn’t do this often since she decided to do this. Her fans flooded her comment box, reacting to the video. Take a look at the picture of Vee’s soup below. 

The first set of people were of the opinion Vee has moved from hosting duties to chef duty. Whatever she is cooking would taste nice. Some fans asked her to share her recipe. Some were of the opinion this is one of the reasons Neo looks fresh. 


Vee uploaded the moment she was adding the grounded pepper inside the hot oil. Some fans were of the opinion can someone with Ulcer eat from this. 

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