Video: Look At What This Grandma Was Doing In Front Of A Kid

It's sad that the values which our society once upheld are slowly plummeting and this has turned the society into a squalor.



In a video that was shared  an aged but vibrant woman could be seen holding and smoking a popular cigarette called "Shisha". But what caught the attention of many including I is the sight of a kid who will be between the age range of 2-5 in same room with the woman.

The said woman was smoking and dancing to the music of controversial musician, Naira Marley. She danced to the tune of his latest music titled "coming". This Same music she danced to was the one that was banned by NBC (Nigerian broadcasting corperation).

A lot of people attacked the woman at the comment box of the video. Many bashed her for smoking in front of a minor. They said that her actions could influence the kid's life negativity. Others praised her and told her to "enjoy" life.


Here are photos of the woman in the video:


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