Lady Walks Down Lagos Street With A Show Card In Her Hand To Apologize To Her Boyfriend (Photos)

 Love is one of the most beautiful things you can ever experience in this world, especially when you love someone and they love you back.


The best kind of relationship is when both partners are giving and receiving. This makes you feel appreciated, that all your efforts in the relationship are reciprocated.

However, some relationships fail for a variety of reasons, and either one of the partners or both are to blame.

Whenever there's a breakdown in a relationship, one of them might look for ways to make things work between them again.


It's not easy to fix a broken relationship because it requires a lot of effort and courage to swallow your pride as a sacrifice to make peace between you and the person you love.

In Lagos state, a young lady went out on the street holding a show card to apologize to her boyfriend.

She wrote the name of her boyfriend and his Instagram handle on the cardboard. She also wrote "I love you" and asked Nigerians to assist her in tagging her boyfriend.

She believes that her boyfriend will be able to see this wherever he is and he would doubtlessly forgive her so that they can make the relationship work again.

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