Reaction As Ubi Franklin Shares Photos Of Davido And Chioma To Celebrate His 10th Anniversary

 Music executive Ubi Franklin has got netizens wondering if he’s hiding anything after sharing a photo of Davido and Chioma to celebrate Davido’s 10th anniversary..

Celebrating Davido for being in the entertainment industry for 10yrs now, Ubi Franklin shared some photos on his Instagram page to celebrate him and that got netizens talking and wondering what he is hiding from the general public.

Since it’s Davido he’s celebrating, most of us were expecting him to use photos of Davido and himself but then he added another photo of Davido and Chioma which made netizen wonder what Chioma has to do with the anniversary.

According to some, Ubi Franklin knows more that they social media folks know and that explains why he shared a photo of Davido and Chioma to celebrate Davido’s 10th anniversary in the music industry.

Chioma only came into Davido’s life a few years ago when he had already made his name but for Ubi Franklin to celebrate Davido’s hard work with photos of him and Chioma shows there’s more to that and we have no idea.

This has made netizens wonder if something is going on between Davido and Chioma that no one knows about and the reason why Ubi Franklin shared photos of Davido and Chioma to celebrate his 10th anniversary in the entertainment industry.

screenshots below;

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