“April Fool” See three April fool pranks that were pulled out yesterday by celebrities

 Yesterday was the first of April and it’s known for the usual pranks that always accompany the day, a lot of people joined in the prank may be online or offline.

A lot of celebrities also participated in the prank in the likes of Bella Shmurda, Lil Kesh, Vee, Erica, Wizkid, and many others, but today we’ll be discussing the three biggest pranks that were pulled out yesterday.

3 Erica’s house in Abuja

Erica’s house in Abuja


Erica yesterday joined many Nigerians to do the April fool prank, although her prank came late yesterday it still got the attention of many people as she claimed that she bought a house in Abuja yesterday, many people were celebrating her for the new house until she comes out to reveal that it was just a prank, as she hasn’t gotten any house at Abuja.

2 Wizkid’s new album

Wizkid early morning if yesterday pulled a prank that got fans talking, even many blogs wrote on the news as he claimed that he would be dropping a new album later that night, many of his fans were in a state of confusion as they weren’t sure if he was lying or saying the truth.


Later that night no album came out just a picture of a popular comedian that many are using to represent “no money” was dropped on his Instagram story.

1 Jay-Z’s Album 

Jay-Z’s Album 

The prank of the day for yesterday was the prank made by some bloggers carrying the news that Jay Z is having collaborations with many African musicians on his latest album, the likes of Olamide, Femi Kuti and many other African Artists were linked to the album.

Femi Kuti and many other African Artists were linked to the album.

A lot of people believed the prank even many blogs carried the news and it was the talk of the town before it was later debunked in the evening that it’s a prank.

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