Shortly after Nengi gave Lucy money, Kidd bought Lucy a new generator & a fridge for her business (SEE PHOTOS)


I share with you in this article photos as Kidd bought Lucy a new generator and fridge to support her business.

Few days back Lucy took to her social media page to share the news about how Nengi gave her some huge amount of money to support her business.

Well shortly after that, Kidd also decided to bless her with a new generator and also a fridge to support her grill business.

Well this action from Kidd got people talking on social media as many are of the opinion now they all want to chase clout, so good that they are chasing it and it’s benefiting Lucy.

Some are also of the opinion God bless Kidd for this. Another set of people are of the opinion this set of housemates are supporting each other grow which is very key.

See photos below and be kind to share your thought with us via the comment box.

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