I Just Want To Lay In Bed, Make Out And Make Love Like Three To Ten Times, Lady reveals (See Comments)

 At one point in time in our lives, we all have something we wish or thirst after. This might range from food, friendship, books, relationship and everything within the whims of interest.

However, a Twitter Influencer @Ayigbe_Nani55 has disclosed on Twitter that she needs a company who can make out with her in bed and fulfil all her s*xual desires.

Although one might not fathom what could have prompted such a lady with over one hundred thousand followers to reveal that in a public medium like Twitter.

In her words she said

” I just want to lay in bed with you in our underwear and make out, watch movies and. . .

What do you think about this? what does she mean by that statement?

While you use the comment section to share your thoughts about this, see the comments she earned from the statement.

See comments below:


I guess our dress sense should be modest. . . . The irresponsible goes for the irresponsible. . . . No responsible guy would go for this. . . Guys flirt with the uncultured ones and married the cultured one. . . . Decency matters please.


And after which the person’ s destiny is gone or the person starts having complicated destiny, oshi! You are asking for more than too much. Park your free asking ride here in 2020 motor park biko. Don’ t take that route to 2021 mbok


Right now on Twitter in Nigeria all a lady need to is show some skin and also tweet something seductive or sensual then she gets several likes and retweets. Really appalling.


Truth be told you are beautiful but my dear don’ t showcase your body in order to get likes. Please always wear something that will cover your two govas. Men likes responsible and decent ladies.


Moments later: But you said you just want to lay in bed with me in our underwear and make out, watch movies and f*ck like 3 or 10 times, why are you now doing like this, this is just round 6 oooo and ya doing like you have cold.

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