“You Wasted Your Talent To Draw Wizkid”- Hours After Nigerians Said This, See What Wizkid Did

 Nigerians reacted to the photos of a boy who showcased the pencil sketch of Wizkid that he personally worked on and they told him that he wasted his talent to draw Wizkid because the singer won’t notice his work. Wizkid has now surprised his fans and those who believed he would ignore this boy after he saw the incredible pencil sketch of himself that this young and talented boy drew.

Wizkid is known for ignoring people on social media pages so this recent action from Wizkid shocked his fans and Nigerians who reacted to this boy’s work. This young boy named Kareem took to his Instagram account days ago to post the pictures of the pencil sketch of Wizkid that he drew himself.

The pictures went viral but Nigerians reacted and said that it would be more better and profitable for him if he has used his talents to draw Davido than Wizkid. They claimed he “wasted his talent” to draw Wizkid because he ignore his work.

Check out their reactions below

Nigerians recognized and praised his talent but they claimed he drew the wrong person. This post got to Wizkid and fortunately, he didn’t ignore it as the reactions above predicted. Wizkid posted his pictures on his Insta story hours ago and this young boy’s followers on Instagram have been increasing.

Wizkid also followed his on Instagram, which shows that the singer was pleased with this boy’s incredible talent.

The Instagram followers of this talented boy has been increasing after Wizkid posted his pictures. His followers skyrocketed from 1,500+ to 3,800+ followers within 2 hours that Wizkid noticed his work.

Wizkid appreciated his work by giving him the rare honour of reposting his work and also following him on Instagram.

Do you think Wizkid should do more for the boy?

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