“Is She A Virgin Too? ” – SEE PHOTOS Of Regina Daniels Husband's 7th Wife Phyllis Thompson as it hits online


Who Don’t know Regina Daniels? Regina Daniels is one of the best actress in nigeria she got married to Ned Nwoko a multi Billionaire who have different types of businesses in nigeria. In case you have forgotten her, Regina Daniels is a Nollywood film actress and a model,

Who was born in Nigeria particularly in Lagos on 10th of October 2000.

famous Nigerian actress and billionaire wife recently took to her Instagram page to praise her ex boyfriend Somadina and this has gotten tons of reactions from her fans and social media users.

The star was recently seen driving few hours after partying and drinking alcohol. within the viral video of her driving, her actions and behaviors were abnormal which also made tons of fans to take a position that she was high and under the influence of medicine.

Regina Daniels however refuted the drug rumor claiming some things aren’t as they appeared to be and asked people to free her and stop watching her every step.

Ned Nwoko has been in news headlines after rumors of him marrying his seventh wife called Phyllis Thompson surfaced online.

Today article is about the new wife.

These rumors have set social media ablaze as fans of Regina Daniels have protested to stop him from marrying again. Fews hours after the 7th wife fracas ensued, we chanced on photos of the said lady with Ned Nwoko in a romantic mood and love dovey positions.

Regina Daniels after facing backlash from her fans, came out to express her endless love for her 62 years old husband. She cleared the air that whether last wife or not, she is still a happy wife and is with Ned Nwoko because of love.

However, social media users have started raising questions about if Phyllis is also a virgin. She is a Zambian woman who heads a mining company and is also a sportsperson. Recall that, Ned Nwoko disclosed in an interview that, he married Regina Daniels because she was a virgin.

This has raised an alarm to quiz him if his seventh wife to be is also a virgin since she is in her 30s. Instagram users showed concerns about whether she has an idea about how people are protesting to end her marriage. According to some lovers of Regina Daniels, her mother Rita Daniels is responsible for the protesting that happened in order to protect her daughter’s marriage.

This allegation has not been confirmed yet but it has a link with how she was spotted in a viral video, warning Chika Ike to stay away from Ned Nwoko. An allegation that was later debunked and considered false after Chika Ike denied dating Ned Nwoko.

A fan questioned:


Hence this question is quite beneficial for fans to know since he explained that, he married all his wives virgins.

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