This Is Evil! Pastor Caught In The Act With A 15-Year Old Girl – See Photos

15 year-old girl that a Pastor turned into his sex slave decided to speak up…
A local Pastor was exposed when his right hand man revealed his evil doings and how he always had sex with young girls in Hillbrow.

It was then one of the girls he had been sleeping with decided to speak up .

I am a girl from the young congregation. I began noticing that the Pastor loved me with the way he always stared at me and say good things about me before everybody. I started having feelings for him and it led to the two of us having sex.

His wife didn’t suspect us and I usually greet her whenever we met in Hillbrow.

Everytime the Pastor and I met, we would have sex and he appreciated it more than I. After each round of sex , he would pay me R1000″

Emma also revealed things the Pastor told her including his fraudulent activities.

More photos below:

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