I feel something strange as a ghost, Driver Of The Car That Collided With Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce speaks out


The driver of the Honda Fit, that was involved in the accident with millionaire Ginimbi, has stated that he feels like a ghost anytime he remembers what happened.

The driver who is currently receiving treatment from the injuries he incurred during the accident, told the media he is still amazed he has survived the accident but he is trying to convince himself he is not a ghost.

The driver also stated that Ginimbi was trying to overtake two cars when he, unfortunately, collided with his car leading to the accident.

“I still cannot believe that I am alive, but God is amazing, He saved me. After seeing the damage done to the cars, I am still failing to convince myself that I am not a ghost,” he said.
I was on my way from Hatcliffe when it (accident) took place and he (Ginimbi) was coming from the city centre direction trying to overtake two cars in front of him, but he failed to do it and by the time he tried to return to his lane, it was too late” he said.

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