5 Nollywood Stars Who Will Never Appear In Movies Again (PHOTOS)


Abandoning a life in the limelight to switch to other careers is not an easy decision to make regardless of the comfort the actor seems to see in the new profession.

The actors in our article today saw comfort in other things from acting and they decided to pay their full attention to it and zoom their attention away from the movies.

The following are the actors who made their mark in Nollywood and decided the time is up for them to leave.

  1. Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot is now a full blown politician who has deserted Nollywood to serve his country in politics.

2. Georgina Onuoha

Georgina has settled in the USA with her family and she is now earning her living as a nurse.

3. Pat Attah

Pat Attah now lives and works in Germany as a chef in one of the restaurants there.

4. Saint Obi

Saint Obi decided to switch his attention from the limelight and attend to other important things in his life.

5. Victoria Inyama

The actress is currently settled in the UK with her family and has left Nollywood.

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