Young Man Shocks Everyone After He Did This To Two Soldiers During The Protest

Soldiers are one of the most feared law enforcement agency in Nigeria but during the end SARS it seems that some Nigerians have summoned a lot of courage to say no to police and SARS brutality in Nigeria.

A recent video recently surfaced on the internet in which an unidentified young Nigerian boy shocked people on the internet after he was seen standing up to a soldier.

The video was shared by a Nigerian twitter user identified as Zhurg on twitter and after sharing the video he added a caption by saying “The audacity to shove a military man like this, times are changing Omo #EndSARS but be logical”.

The unidentified soldier and his partner were trying to tell a young Nigerian protester to calm down then suddenly the young protester pushed them away but fortunately, the soldiers did not attempt to hurt the young protester.

In the video that was posted on twitter, it could be seen that the angry young man pushed the soldiers with force but the soldiers did not retaliate.

Click to watch video

Personally I believe that the soldiers should be praised because of how they behaved after the young man pushed them away angrily. I also believe that the young man in the video above should be punished for laying his hands on a military man.

Many Nigerians on twitter were shocked and they also admired the young man’s courage after he shoved two military men. See their reactions below:

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