This is what Davido did to a lady who sat next to him that got people talking(PHOTOS)

 While other people were busy trying to get a picture of the Davido. The lady who seem to have won the struggle and had secured a space next to him has other ideas and did get what she bargained, he did not take it likely with her.

He did not push her, neither did he ask his bodyguards to do help him take her away from him, he rather tried to shift further away from the lady while also telling her to shift back from him. A guy behind who noticed what was going on tried to help him by telling the lady to shift.

Thank you.

People have been reacting to the video, citing that Davido is aware of what some ladies will do just to lure him. Some said he doesn't want any issue with Chioma he's fiancee. But whatever the reason is, there is honestly nothing wrong with what he did.

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