See what a mom did to her twins after they pranked her with a Coke bottle that got Reactions (Video)

 The way white people reacts to prank, is totally different from the way African Parents react to prank. White parents might not get physical with their children, after they have discovered that it's a prank. But our African Parents, they will insult the child, and sometimes they will beat the children, even after they realize that it's a prank.

In this article, a set twins decided to Prank their mom, and recorded it without the mom knowing that, she was being recorded. The way the mom reacted, is how a typical African woman will react. They used a bottle of coke to trick the mom. They told the more to put some cubes of sugar, inside the coke bottle very quickly.

They knew that, if she puts it very quickly, the content inside the bottle will spill and may stain her clothes. After they told their mom to do it, she started putting the sugar Cubes into the bottle. Within some few seconds, the coke content in the bottle spilled and poured on her dress. She got very upset, and did something that the twins were not expecting

After her shirt got stained, she the poured the remaining one their heads, she then insulted them in Yoruba language. And also used her hand to beat them at their back. 

Watch Video Below.

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