Little Boy Becomes Internet Sensation After Telling Mum About Girlfriend Who Broke His Heart (video)

Boy has learnt at a very young age that sometimes love hurts. We don’t always find our Mr or Mrs Right the first time.
One young man was filmed by his mum detailing how his bae broke his heart.
In the video, which was shared online by social media user @aypee_madicks, the boy revealed he was dumped for someone else.
“Mum, you see that girl that I used to love. She broke up with me. She likes the new boy now, ” he told his mama.
The supportive parent then asked him if he was okay, to which the boy simply shook his head.
The mother asked if he spoke to the girl and the boy said: “She says she doesn’t love me any more.”
Take a look at the video below:
The video gathered a lot of reactions in just a couple of hours and South Africans were heartbroken for the adorable little boy.
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