Could This Be Hunger?:Man Was Caught Stealing Sardine in Supermarket (See Photos)

When I say wonders would never end,here is an article that fit that description.This young man was caught today stealing something unexpected and putting them into an unexpected place. According to the post made by a man who witnessed the incident,the man came into the supermarket with a tiny waist but as he was strolling round to pick what he wanted to buy,the attendant noticed that his waist grew bigger and bigger,the attendant wanted to know why his waist grew bigger but later discovered he was on another mission.
Lady gone Crazy after taking alcohol (video)


Check out the post below.

Check out the post below

According to the pictures I would still show you below, he was caught stealing titus sardines and fixing it into his boxers,which made his waist grew bigger. The attendant called the attention of people and they beat him and dragged him outside the supermarket.
Check out photos below

Nigerians have been reacting to the situation of this young man and they think that it might be hunger,check out the reactions below

Lady gone Crazy after taking alcohol (video)

Lady gone Crazy after taking alcohol (video)

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