School Needs to Resume, See Photos of Damages Done By Kids At Home

It's no news that schools are still on holiday due to the current pandemic at hand, while this is the main reason why many kids are still at home, this hasn't been an easy deal for their parents. Kids are naturally playful and they love exploring things, in that process, they may end up damaging things at home and they don't care because they're kids.

If it hadn't been for the shut down of schools, kids would have been at schools while parents leave their houses for work, then maybe come back later in the day to retrieve them. Now that schools are on holiday, controlling kids at home has become a difficult task for some parents since they can't take their kids to work with them, and they have no maid to control them at home.

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Your kids may be well behaved at home, but these photos you're about to see will serve as proof to you that some parents are really going through a hard time taking care of their kids at home.

1. Professional Painters
It seems like these kids have turned professional painters since there's no school to keep them busy. See what they did to themselves, the house, and the television.

2. Makeup Artists
These babies have turned to makeup artists, see how they designed themselves with powder, including the bed at home.

3. Toilet Papers
Since it seems like schools aren't going to resume, this young man here has turned his books into toilet papers. What was left for him is to flush it, but unfortunately for he was caught red-handed.

4. Sofa Disaster
This young lady has turned their white sofa into a brown and white color mixture, which makes it look like milk and chocolate sofa. I wonder how long it'll take her parents to clean it up.

5. Everything White
I think these two young men prefer everything to look white, see what they did to their parlor.

6. Faceoff
This young lady was caught using scissors to cut off the face drawn in the money that was kept at home, this is just so wonderful.

7. Toilet Designer
This young man prefers to stay at home painting and designing the toilet in his house. How would you rate his work out 10?

8. Legendary Footprints
This young man prefers to get his foot stuck on the newly cemented entrance to his house. You can see the reaction on his mother's face when she saw this, I can tell that she's in a confused state when this photo was taken.

9. Thor in the House
This young man prefers to use hammers for his daily activities just like Thor from Marvel comics. Instead of saving the world, he prefers to demolish his house with his hammers.

10. Tattoo Artist
Do you know that kids can also be an artist, see how this young man designed his brother, how would you rate his drawing skills?

11. Tissue Paper Demolishers
Imagine coming back from work and you see your kids looking like this at home, all in the name of fun, what will you do?

So you see why school need to resume fast, it won't be funny again if we hear of kids burning down houses in the name of fun. If you find these pictures hilarious, then don't leave without giving it a like or a share.

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