"Is this a Make up, Photoshop or cake?"- See the photos this Lady posted that got people talking

Big Brother Cameroon Should Be Called "Small Brother" , See Why

 Owing to man's inguinity and creativity, we sometimes cannot even differentiate what's real and what's fake anymore. Modern equipments and instruments have given man the ability to recreate things exactly the way they are in nature or artifacts.

Tools like makeup kits, photoshoping apps and others have indeed endowed man with endless possibilities of cruel ability to deceive and convince that things that ain't real are real. We see these tools in action during film making and editing, sign boards and posters, makeup for Men and women and so on.

Big Brother Cameroon Should Be Called "Small Brother" , See Why


These photos are being debated on WhatsApp if they are real or makeup or photoshoping. Alot of people have agreed that it is photoshoping while some said it's make up. But some said it's an actual cake, as for me, I feel it's a combination of all three. What do you think on it? Kindly follow this page for more contents.


See other cakes that looks real below.

See other cakes that looks real 

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