The Reason Why 2 Best Friends Almost Killed Themselves Fighting Over A Dude, See photos

Kelly a friend to one of the 2 girls that had a very terrible fight, narrates what prompted the fight between two close friends who stays in the same estate,
Meet All 20 BBN Housemates (Photos and Details)

It all started when Zara was passing by at the estate to see a friend of hers, whom she met new at the mall 2weeks ago when she went for shopping in the mall, On her way out she saw her old friend Jessy, that stays close to her estate were she leaves, They both saw each other and was happy because it was so long because of the pandemic that had lasted for more than 4 months now.

Meet All 20 BBN Housemates (Photos and Details)
Zara asked Jessy to excourt her to visit her new friends, she met

at the mall 2weeks ago, which Jessy did not haistate to obilage to her request of accompanying her to see her friend.

As both of them started the movement, it was fun. Jessy was very happy to see Zara , they both had alot of friendship discussion, at reaching to the venue of the visit behold it was Jessy's boy friend who Zara was talking about, and went to meet. At getting there Jessy was so angry that his boy friend was having Affairs with Zara, because Zara told Jessy about her new catch, how handsome,tall, romantic,rich her new catch was, but when get there Zara discovered it was his boy friend.

Jessy immediately ran to Zara's face to start a big qurrel that led to the dangerous fight that almost got Zara's hair off her head, it was so bad and heart breaking but it was not Zara's fault.

Zara tried to explain to her friend Jessy but Jessy was so angry and started a fight with her friend that she saw for a very long time, it is so annoying but what can Zara do, because the did has already been done.

Jessy now knows how promiscuous his so called boy is, a good and momeriable old friendship that started when the both of them were in primary school, it all ended in a tinkle of an eye, with a big fight that almost took a life.

After the fight Zara and Jessy speaks:
Zara: We ain’t even supposed to be fighting. I mean this is over a dude. After we fight he’s going to move onto the next girl anyway. Laughing at us cause we fighting over him and he know he’s lying to both of us. We’re looking crazy standing up here fighting over this boy. He don’t care about either one of us. He’s gonna go to the next girl anyway.

Some of the eye withness during the fight Narrates how Alcohol and Fighting relates:
Perhaps not surprisingly, since Several older adolescents described how they were more prone to fighting after they had been drinking Alcohol:

Whenever I’m drunk and I’m thinking about fighting somebody I’m gonna do it. If I’m not drunk 9 times out of 10 I’m not gonna fight them. (Michelle, age 17)

I don’t fight that much. The only time I fight is to defend myself and if I’m drinking and somebody says something wrong to me. Then I’ll try to fight them, but that’s only because I’m under the influence. If I was sober I wouldn’t. (Tasha, age 18)

I beat up my best friend’s boyfriend when I was drinking. He walked past me and hit my hand and the drink spilled all down the front of me so I beat him up…then a couple weeks later I was drinking and I blew up on my boyfriend’s best friend. I have a thing for best friends. (Tiffany, 17)
Meet All 20 BBN Housemates (Photos and Details)
Examining the reasons for fighting provides important information for understanding the etiology of physically aggressive behavior and the promotion of health. By drawing on adolescent female’s personal accounts and descriptions, we are able to further understand the complexity and heterogeneity of adolescent female violence

(Foshee, et al., 2007). Analyses illustrated several reasons for female adolescents to engage in fights. Results of this study offer insights into female adolescents’ involvement with fighting and highlight the opportunities and challenges in developing interventions addressing aggression among female adolescents. Addressing these reasons and the perceived benefits associated with fighting is important in order to more effectively intervene with and prevent violence among this population.



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