See Reactions As A Female Private school Teacher Complained Her difficulties since this pandemic

Private sectors have employed many graduates and the little they pay them is part of it. Corona virus has affected many sectors, including the private sector. Private school teachers are complaining bitterly. It almost four months they have collected salary and it has affected their lives.

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A lady has gone to twitter to beg for job because she's tired of being a private school teacher.

I am a private school teacher and since the pandemic things have been very difficult for me. I need another job to survive. I am an NCE holder. I studied economics and social studies. please I really need this am, at the verge of breaking.

Please help me retweet

People have reacted to her tweet. Many feel her pains.

See Photos of Meal a Man Prepared by Riverside

I am also a teacher, I started soap making for survival. 

If you are in Ibadan, I can deliver to you if you want 25L and above. 15L to anywhere in Ibadan North east

I don't have the capacity to get you a job now, but kindly Dm your account number for a token. I hope you get more support and I pray that this pandemic leaves us as soon as possible. This time shall surely pass

This time shall surely pass

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