"Idiot!!, you just killed an innocent bird" -Media on fire as man kills owl saying it is evil (See Pictures)

A Nigerian
A Nigerian man took to Facebook to narrate how he found and killed an owl he came across because he heard that the bird is evil.

Wonders Shall Never End, See what man sees in Delta State (Pics)

According to the Facebook user with the name, Chimelum Ajanma, he came across the bird after church service and called the attention of people who claimed that the bird was evil.

They caught the bird, killed it and set it on fire, saying it is an evil bird.

This however sparked up reactions on the social media platform as users were not pleased by this act.

Wonders Shall Never End, See what man sees in Delta State (Pics)
A Facebook user cried out asking how Nigerians got to this level of over religiosity, saying that the poor creature just died for nothing, while another prayed that God should have mercy on Africa's wildlife.

Another user said that the bird might just be out looking for food or maybe it was just migrating, adding that they would have just put it in a cage for tourism purpose.

Many said that the man was just ignorant and he killed an innocent bird, while others insulted him, asking if his problem is over as he killed the owl.

See pictures below:
See pictures below:

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