"He is the Most Creative guy" as guy shows his level of creativity on Social Media (Photos)

Most people know or might have come across the name Mike Bamiloye before, for who doesn't know him, he is a Nigerian film actor, dramatist, producer and director.

He his an evangelist and founder and president of Mount Zion Drama Ministry and Mount Zion Television. He is the brain behind those gospel films we watch back then like 'Captives of the Mighty, Agbara Nla' Abejoye and many more.

Meet the Self claimed cutest lady on Earth and See reactions (photos)

Few didn't know or aren't aware that he has a son by name Joshua Mike Bamiloye, he's the second son of Evangelist Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, he's super talented, brilliant, intelligent and creative, according to his Twitter bio, he's a gospel musician, producer, digital artiste and a movie tech.
Bowen University.

The 29 years old is also a very good ariste, not just an artist but a very good creative, enterprising and versatile artiste who's idea of art is out of this world, the way he does is own artistic work is so abstract that you can think of or comprehend what message is he passing out with his craft

Meet the Self claimed cutest lady on Earth and See reactions (photos)

passing out with his craft.

Here are creative artistic photos below created by him that proofs he deserves a national award.

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