20-Year-Old Lady, Nkechi Ezenwa Gives Birth to Triplet after Getting Raped While Hawking

20-year-old Nkechi Ezenwa who got pregnant after being raped while hawking finds out she is having triplets on the day of delivery.

Nkechi Ezenwa, from Umuna Ubommiri in Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State, said she was raped while selling bananas and she got pregnant.
She went into labour, June 14, 2020 and was rushed to the nearest health center in her neighbourhood.
Ezenwa initially gave birth to a baby boy at the health centre before they discovered there were more babies and she needed to be operated on.
She was rushed to another hospital where two more babies were delivered via Cesarean section.
Facebook user, Chidiebube Okeoma shared her story on the platform with details of the hospital where the babies were born and how people can donate as she is currently unable to clear her medical bills.

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