These Artistes Should Quit Music And Join The Fashion Industry (Photos) - TalkTalkHD

Nigeria has been blessed with really talented artistes that are not only good in music,

5. Wizkid

Wizkid has a unique sense of style when it comes to fashion. Although, he doesn't care much about blending his outfits, wizkid prefer to rock expensive clothes that will make him look dapper without much accessories. See his pictures below.

4. Tekno

Tekno can wear anything and still look good. Tekno loves rocking skinny jeans with T-shirts as regards to his nickname "slim daddy" . Sometimes, he loves wearing suits to events and he always looks good. See his pictures below.

3. Davido

Davido is one hell of a fashion freak. Just like wizkid, Davido loves rocking expensive outfits and he always flaunts them on social media. Davido doesn't only rock designer clothes, he also patronize our local fashion designers as he's sometimes seen rocking native outfits. See his pictures below.

2. Kizz Daniel

Most people don't notice but Kizz Daniel has a great sense for fashion. He is a fashion star in his own world as he's often seen rocking custom/unique and expensive outfits. Kizz Daniel seems to know what fits him and he always look good. See his pictures below.

1. Ice Prince

I think everybody would agree with me that Ice Prince is the most influential music artiste in Nigeria in terms of fashion. Not only his fans, even his fellow music artistes look up to him as a fashion Icon. Ice Prince doesn't only wear designer clothes, he takes fashion risk to blend in some tricky fashion trend and he always pull them off. See his pictures below.
There are other Nigerian artistes that 

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