"She's just 12 and already using IPhone11": Reactions as Apostle Suleman shares Daughter's picture -TalkTalkHD

 "Happy 12th birthday to my daughter Love johnson Suleman..the professor of the house..may heaven increase you and make you great in Jesus name," Apostle Suleiman captioned with a lovely photo of his daughter. Amidst the many good wishes for the young Love is a moral police, Gratitude, who feels she's too young to own the device she's using. 
"12 yrs and she's already using iPhone 11. This is not a good parenting at all". She tweeted.See what some other tweeps has got to say... @Ehis_best wrote: Holding the phone doesn't make it her own..... I pray you are well trained.... Wrong sense of judgement...
@Edeh Justice wrote :Sorry to burst yr bubbles, am not a member of OFM, that you will say am supporting him, My child will have an iPhone, a tab, a laptop, PS, Xbox before age 10, go tell yr village king I said so..