See the Bedrooms of Some of your favorite celebrities (Photos) -TalkTalkHD

See below

This is Nigerian comedian AY bed room and it looks so beautiful, it has the main colors to be black and white with a staircase leading to somewhere in the house.

1. AY Makun's room

Number 2 is Me E money bedroom which looks like that of a palace, this place is so awesome and looks golden.

2. E-Money's room

Peter Okoye room, popularly known as Mr. P of the former P square, it has a touch of brown, wine and white color.

3. Peter Okoye's room

Singer Tekno room, the musician have a sense of taste for pretty material things, this bedroom is simple but brilliant.

4. Tekno's room

One of Nigeria's favourite musician, Wizkid, his bedroom is spotless and shiny anyways it is money that is talking sha.

5. Wizkid's room

Here is Yomi Casual bedroom, this is my best, it's lovely.

6. Yomi Casaul's room