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Call them what you want: heartthrobs, Nollywood 'fine boys', male love interests...in the 90s and early 200s, these men dominated the Nollywood scene because the "fine boys" that carried most Nigerian romantic movies. Their characters were always caught in some quite web of affection that was either abominable, not supported by one's family, or turned sour

 Mike Ezuruonye
2. Pat Attah

Pat Attah made an enormous imprint on the heats of numerous .
Now that point has passed, does one think Pat still got it?
3. Chidi Mokeme

members fawning over him.
Now that such a lot time has passed, does one think Chidi still has it.
4. Van Vicker

5. Desmond Elliott
Now, such a lot time has passed. does one think Desmond Elliott still has it?
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