"What A Waste Of A Fine Human" - Daddy Freeze Reacts To What A Lady Was Willing To Do For A Phone

Social media had since been a tool for people all over the world to share their view and perspective about situations surrounding their everyday life.

As Much as the social media and technology have been a good impact on people,it's always one of the key thing which are ruining people's everyday life.
Tunde ednut had taken to his Instagram page to post her lady who claimed that her private part would not rest until she had acquired the new Huwai P40 Device.

People are amazed that most ladies had turned their private part into a business avenue for getting the largest gadgets and fashions in town.

This didn't go down well with many as many who claimed the lady who was beautiful looking just wanted to waste her life over a phone which would not stop updating their gadgets as it's not worth it.
Many claimed if she could do this just to get a phone,only God Knows what she would be willing to do to Get A car or own a house.