Teddy A shows off skills, makes up for BamBam (video)

BBNaija's Teddy A and wife, BamBam have shared a video on their social media page
- Teddy A was spotted doing his wife's makeup as he boasts of being a pro
- Nigerians have reacted to it

BBNaija's Teddy A has shown off his makeup skills as he beautifies his wife in a new video. The father of two took to his official Instagram page to let his fans know that he wears many hats.
According to him, makeup is one of the skills he has while boasting about his expertise. The musician said that his wife, BamBam, put his skills to test and he did a wonderful job.
To prove his competence to his fans and followers, he shared a video online.

In the video, Teddy A was seen applying foundation on his wife's face as he boasts about how perfect he is at the job. According to him, he is coming for everybody's job.
"You don't need to go to school for this. If you can draw in real life, you can do makeup. If your wife comes out after I do her makeup, if you don't take time, she's a gunner. I'm coming for everybody's job," he said as he encouraged people to send a DM to his business page.
Watch the funny video below:

As expected, Nigerians have reacted to the couple's video. Many took to Teddy A's comment section to laugh at him.
Read some comments below:
kike_ice: "The way you’re holding the brush, one will know that you’re about to fuk shii-rup!"
comedianxtreme: "I fear who no fear Colour Painting"

rodastarlet: "This lady gets patients with ur crazy self"
julietibrahim: "The eyeshadow"
lk_kuddy: "The nigga that said ‘ok’ after you said ‘I’m coming for everybody’s job’... too accurate!! As per, we hear you!!"
ubifranklintriplemg: "Shatap"
kingminjinofficial: "Gerarahere"
itz_oeezspecial: "Teddy what are u doing?"