‘Post-Covid-19 era will augur well for football’ - Abia Warriors’ Ngwaogu

The seasoned sports administrator predicts that football after the global pandemic will witness a positive improvement.

Abia Warriors sporting director Patrick Ngwaogu believes football will change for the better when the Covid-19 outbreak has been brought under control. 
The pandemic caused almost every professional football league around the world to be placed on hold following thousands of deaths recorded.
Italy’s Serie A was the first major league to be placed on hiatus after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte banned sporting events in the Lombardy and Veneto regions in February.
Thereafter, La Liga, Premier League, Ligue 1Bundesliga as well as the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) were deferred after governments stepped in through the introduction of lockdowns.
As football-related activities seem to be recommencing after several weeks of interruption, some have raised concerns that the infection’s outbreak would have an adverse impact on the sport since many industries have suffered financially.
However, the astute football administrator claims that would not be the case because cooperate bodies would see the beautiful game as a boulevard to boost their visibility again.
“The post-Covid-19 era will augur well for football in Nigeria and the world in general,” Nqwaogu told Goal.
“During this period of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has come to appreciate the important role football plays in society.
“I am foreseeing a situation where the corporate bodies will embrace the sponsorship of football activities to launch themselves back to reckoning in a global economy immediately.
“I will only advise the organisers of the game to fully prepare themselves to embrace the boost that will follow after the pandemic.”