Can’t we research and develop our own cure for coronavirus using herbs – Kate Henshaw asks

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has called on Nigeria to develop its own cure for coronavirus which now has over 2,500 cases in the country.
In a tweet shared, Kate Henshaw advised Nigerians to brace up for the end of the pandemic which she says will not be business as usual.
kate henshaw twitter user
She wrote:

“No one owes you anything and it definitely cannot be business as usual when we come out of the pandemic.
Isn’t it time we look at developing our own cure and ways to ease ourselves out of this situation?”.
A follower, @GidiOracle advised that Nigeria should get some of the herbs Madagascar uses in curing coronavirus patients
He wrote:
“Exactly like getting some of that Madagascar Herb and actually test it for starters”.
Kate Henshaw responded:
“We have our own herbs an… Local remedies people have used to treat ailments… Can’t we research and develop even on a small scale??”
TsuwaThompson wrote:
“100%. I have asked @NCDCgov
what treatment are we using, no answer. Ghana death rate is low. Madagascar has a herb solution. We should be talking with ourselves as no vaccine is showing up soon. Our billionaires should kickstart this with a $0.5m fund – 50% as a prize.”

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