“From DM to getting married to building a family” – Lovely husband celebrates wife on her birthday

A lovely Twitter couple have warmed the hearts of many on the platform after the husband shared lovely photos of their family to celebrate his wife’s birthday.
@Zintin73 took to the app to share how their love life all started from the DMs to them getting married and building a family together thereafter.
He shared photos of himself with his wife and their kid while celebrating her on her birthday writing,from DM to getting married to building a family . Happy birthday to my beautiful Alexia. I love you!
The photos, as well as their love story have since put a smile on the face of many on the platform causing them to like and retweet the post amply.
Checkout the photos below,
This is not the first time we’ll see the perfect love story that emanated from Social media DMs as over time, people have taken to the internet to share how their “happily ever after” started from a simple “Hello/Hi” in the DMs.

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